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Brazilian illustrator Gabriel Picolo is just over 100 days into an awesome art project called 365-DaysofDoodles. It’s exactly what it sounds like - Picolo is drawing something new in one of his Moleskine sketchbooks every day for a year. However these are some of the finest “doodles” we’ve ever seen.

Each drawing is unique and often inspired by some sort of pop culture source, featuring his own version of characters from anime, tv, movies and fine art.

Click here to view all of the daily doodles that Picolo has created thus far and then be sure to check back to watch him update the project.

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Brush Lettering Collection
by Neil Secretario

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Slave Leia and Luke Skywalker Minion Mashup — GeekTyrant

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I had #2, but I loved the forest green Cutlass Supreme convertible it replaced most of all.

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Metal Slug

Steamy enough to be here because Metal Slug is fkn awesome k.

Metal Slug is fucking rad. I miss my Neo Geo :/

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by Sasha BogojevPosted on April 23, 2014
Italian artist 2501 recently started a series of big trips and will continue traveling through October. The artist will visit such places as Australia, Mongolia, Canada and different parts of the USA and create works for his ongoing project titled “Nomadic Experiment.” Aside from painting public works and murals, 2501 will also make and collect parts for the indoor works that will be exhibited later this year. With a distinctive, abstract style that includes repetitive use of black lines and gold paint, his murals vary from geometric and precise to organic-looking.

For the first stop of his world tour, he was invited to take part at the Public street art festival organized by FORM from April 5-13. Alongside 45 other artists from around the world, he created two murals in Perth, Australia. Interested in bringing awareness to gentrification and the plight of homeless people around the world, 2501 cites these social issues as the conceptual starting point of his works. His “800 Minute, The Burrow of the Rainbow Serpent” mural is based on a mythology of the Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal people. Through his abstract, thick, black lines, the artist painted the burrow where the fabled rainbow serpent was born to create the universe. His signature line work complements the architectural elements of the building, creating a vision of a sacred place where everything begins.

The second wall 2501 painted next to Maya Hayuk’s piece is called “The Narrow Passage.” A tribute to all the tenants of public housing building it was painted on, the piece celebrates their strength to get back on their feet after life on the streets. Also, this piece was painted in loving memory of the late Claudio KADO Sinatti, one of the of the graffiti and video art pioneers in Milan in the early 90s.

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